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Raha's Retreat has come to fruition through a lifelong love and appreciation for nature and spending time outdoors. Raha means "to set free" and that is the general spirit and vibration felt here; free from the fast paced hectic world of noise, traffic, pollution, crowds, florescent lights, and all the things that have become our everyday reality for many of us. We are adaptable as human beings but somewhere along the way, our health begins to suffer. We are constantly rushing and "doing" with no time for just simply "being".

The tranquility here at Raha's Retreat encourages release and relaxation, and lends itself to meditation, healing, and the expressive arts. More and more, researchers today are proving what we here at Raha's Retreat have intuitively known all along.... That spending time outdoors in nature has incredible healing benefits for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It has been shown that spending just 15 minutes in nature can reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. We know that nature connects us to our roots and helps ground us in the present. We also know that we all have the inner wisdom to heal ourselves if we create the space to do so. We invite you and your group to come and create space for practice, healing, meditation, or just simple relaxation. You are sure to return home refreshed and rejuvenated, hopefully wanting to come back to experience more of Jamaica's beauty and healing.

Raha's Retreat consists of eight 1 room cottages, and one 2 bedroom cottage. All cottages have a private bathroom and veranda. All activities take place in an open valley which is the central gathering space. In this valley there are lots of different species of ferns, fruit trees, and birds who have found this to be a safe haven as well. The valley also has a dining cafe, a kitchen, a bar, a garden, and a multi-purpose pavilion. During your stay, you can enjoy fresh coconut water from our trees and healthy delicious farm to table food. Throughout the property, you'll find several hammocks and different spots for relaxation and meditation. From the top of the hill, you can catch an amazing sunset. A 15 minute walk down the road leads you to a natural mineral spring. A 10 minute drive down the beautiful country road puts us on the famous seven mile white sand beach or the beautiful cliffs known as the west end in Negril. We also highly recommend an excursion to magical Mayfield Falls which has been described by guests as a rebirth! So many amazing options to experience in Jamaica, depending on your groups' length of stay and the desired activities.

Raha's Retreat was built for hosting groups in this sanctuary for healing and wellness. We are passionate about sharing Jamaica's incredible beauty and rich culture with visitors. We look forward to hosting your group for a memorable get away that we hope you will want to make an annual retreat.

Raha's Retreat Jamaica - Haven For The Healing Arts - www.rahasretreatjamaica.com - www.rahasretreatjamaica.net

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Raha's Retreat Jamaica - www.rahasretreatjamaica.com - www.rahasretreatjamaica.net
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